Embedded computing education


1.IEEE Transactions on Education (ARR2)
Guidelines for Authors
Page Limit: 9
100$ for first 6 pages, 200$ for each extra page.

Information and Systems:D(英語、日本語)
(ア) D122210 Information Education, Engineering Education, Higher Education and FD

3. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies (ARR3)

4. ACM Transaction on Computing Education (TOCE) (ARR3)
Guidelines for Authors
Submission guiade
Page Limit: more than 20
no charges.

5 Journal of Science Education and Technology (Springer SCI)


1. Workshop on Embedded Systems Education (WESE) (ACM SIGBED Reviewに掲載可能)
2. Frontier in Education(FIE)
major conference of IEEE education society, abstract on January, full on April, conference on October.

A more complete collection of the publications on education can be found here.

User Machine Interaction


1. ACM Trans. Comput.-Hum. Interact. (ARR30)
2. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (ARR10)
3. IEEE Pervasive Computing (ARR5)
4. ACM Trans. on Applied Perception (SCI)
5. ACM Trans. on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TiiS)
6. Behavior & Information Technology (SCI)


1. UbiComp (ARR20)
2. Percom
3. CHI (ARR15)
CHI 2012 Deadline: Sep. 24, 2011 | Date: May. 05, 2012 - May 10, 2012. Venue/Country: Austin / U.S.A.
a calendar on upcoming conference in human-computer interaction



1. IEEE/ACM Trans. on Networking
Within 14 pages
Review 5 months, revise 3 months
2. Pervasive and Mobile Computing (ARR3)

3. Security and Communication Networks (SCI IF:0.356)
Field: Network Security
Publisher: Wiley

4. Advances in Internet of Things (Open Access)
Within 3 month
$300 within 10 pages


Topics: Real-time embedded system, QoS


1. Optimization Letters (SCI)
Field: Optimization problems and methods
Publisher: Springer

Self-Org. Adaptive

1. ACM Trans. on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems

Computing Intelligence

1. International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems (SCI EI IF: 1.471)
Publisher: ATLANTIS Press


1.ACM Transactions on Algorithms

Novel or Intelligent Devices


Recommendation List by China Computer Federation
Including both Journal and Conference